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We know that philanthropy begins at home, and  we've seen a tremendous outpouring of good-will from this generous  community in which we live.  As members of this organization we are  proud to have raised generations of our families in a community that so  selflessly rises to the occasion of helping out a neighbor in need.  

When  the Bayport-Blue Point Foundation was started in the late 80's, we had  no idea that it would become an organization of such fortitude.  With  your help, we can continue the great service and support this foundation  brings to our community.

Feeling philanthropic?  You've come to  the right place!  If time is what you'd like to offer, please contact us  at info@bayportbluepointfoundation.org or via snail mail at:

    Bayport-Blue Point Foundation
    P.O. Box 750
    Bayport, NY  11705

Feeling generous?  You can make a donation using the link below. 

A resounding "Thank You" to those who continue to support this organization!

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