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The following is a list of causes that your generous donations enabled the Bayport-Blue Point Foundation to help subsidize within the past twelve months:  

  • Gift Certificates for food & clothing distributed to 75 Bayport-Blue Point families in need during the holiday season;
  • Grants & scholarships assisting eight (8) of our high school graduates to help further their education;
  • Mortgage payments to assist two separate families each who had lost the income of one of its working parents due to injury or illness;
  • Provide a meal for local senior citizens;
  • Financial assistance to the Food Pantry, Mercy Center, Parish Outreach, the Leeway School, Mercy Haven, the Cabinet for the Sick, & BULA;
  • Continued aid for the recently established local education foundation named SEED;
  • Eye care and new glasses for the daughter of a single parent;
  • Further contribution toward a college fund established for 2 children who lost their Father;      
  • Tuition payment enabling students from three separate families to attend summer school, and summer day camp;
  • Purchase of a reliable used automobile to allow a struggling family get back on its feet;
  • Aqua therapy supplies for a recuperating child;
  • Back to school clothing for a family unable to afford them;
  • Phone and car insurance coverage for an adult strapped with increased medical expenses;
  • After school child-care costs to allow a single mother to continue working;
  • Covering funeral expenses for a former alumni resident. 

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These contributions total in excess of $40,000 just in the last 12 months.  That brings the Foundation’s total of distributed funds to worthy causes within this community to over $1,000,000 since 1989.  We pride ourselves on the fact that over 95% of donated monies go direct to the above worthwhile causes.  Thanks to the voluntary efforts of our members, we have minimized administrative and operational costs.  New requests for aid continue to come to our attention on a regular basis.  The members of the Foundation are sincerely grateful for your continued support and for the confidence that you have shown in our good-will organization to work toward meeting this demand.

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