Our mission

Created by Community Members


This philanthropic organization was created in 1989 by local business people with the desire to give something back to the neighborhood that helped to make them fruitful in their own endeavors.  The primary intention was to raise money for redistribution toward worthy causes strictly involving the Bayport-Blue Point community.  Since then, the ‘good will’ of the Foundation has continually supported many of its neighbors and constituents who have been less fortunate, by acting as a conduit of money earmarked for medical aid, food, housing costs, utility bills, higher education, counseling, holiday gifts, funeral expenses, etc.  The Foundation prefers to maintain the privacy of designated recipients by performing charitable acts without fanfare, yet at the same time, it abides by the highest standards, always keeping its books available for public scrutiny.  

100% Unpaid Volunteers


All members participate on a voluntary basis; there are no paid positions.  All donated monies go into the general fund unless designated for one of the Foundation’s scholarships/grants.  There are currently five scholarships:  

- The Norma March Scholarship 
- The Hutch Fund 
- The Lucas Svoboda Memorial Fund 
- The William Hilmar Bielitz Scholarship 
- The Doug Monsell Education Fund  

The Board of Directors, ranging in size of up to nine members, deems which requests merit assistance and affix the amount.  Scholarship recipients are determined by separate committees.  Bylaws and registration papers are maintained by legal counsel, while financial documents are maintained by the treasurer and filed by an accountant.  An address list of contributors and participants is maintained and upgraded by the acting secretary.   Fundraising efforts originally focused on a single annual event--a dinner dance cruise for the first seven years and a golf outing the last sixteen years.   The evolvement of the Foundation has lead to increased public awareness and participation. 

Benefits Community Members in Need


In turn, this has allowed for additional fundraising events, helping us to assist an ever growing list of hardships within the Bayport-Blue Point community.   Proceeds cover the expenses related to the function with the balance entering the general fund.  Withdrawals for relief causes are periodically removed from this account.     

Meanwhile, thanks to local generosity, the Foundation continues to serve the needs of its Bayport-Blue Point friends and neighbors by providing financial aid whenever possible and appropriate.  Requests for assistance are brought in through the awareness of its membership, or more formally through the mailing address.  Donations are also accepted year round in memory of loved ones.​